Moving day

Sorry for the delay. More to come soon since we are somewhat settled in….

As most of you already know. We purchased our very first home. We are very excited and blessed but, if you ever bought a house before then you know it is an emotional roller coaster. Literally. We weren’t planning on moving until spring but one weekend we decided to drive around and see what area/town we would like to spend the next 30+ years. We didn’t want to go more than 30 miles from Jake’s work and we wanted land. So we narrowed it down to a town North East of Houston. Everyone we talk to says its a nice area. We went to look at houses and found 2 we really liked. We put an offer on both. The one I liked was the 2k sf on 5 acres (the one we bought) and the one jake liked was 5k sf on 2.5 acres. They wouldn’t come down to our asking price. Plus, after reviewing the inspection reports, that house needed a lot more work which we are not wiling (or have time) to invest. So we ended up with this house. My dream house. It’s perfect for us. When we were walking through to view it. I felt at home before we even bought it. We prayed for Gods will and everything seemed to fall into place.

So we finally moved into our new house! The last time we will ever move again! A house we can make a home and the only house the kids will grow up in. It’s all very exciting and scary. I moved around a lot growing up. Jake has been in the same house pretty much his whole life. I think it gives kids a sense of stability. Confidence. They know it is their home and nothing can change that.

We closed (the deal) in 15 days which is a lot faster than normal. We moved in November 9th. Jakes dad and my step-brother who also lives in Houston came over to help. It took us all day but we got the job done. Adrian (grandad) would help with the kids while I finished packing a few boxes. Micah (bro) helped carry the heavy boxes. We got a 20 foot truck and thought it was too big. After we loaded everything, it was packed wall to wall and a few things we had to take in the cars. We have way too much stuff and that’s after we downsized from moving out here.

So here we are. In our new home! Where we will make a million memories and live happily ever after!














My response

“You’re a stay at home mom? What do you do all day?”

I JUST clean up poop
I JUST feed/burp my children
I JUST bathe and clothe them
I JUST sing and rock them to sleep
I JUST teach inquisitive minds, play with bored little humans, calm anxious beings.
I JUST……do that and so much more over and over again!

I am a full-time-stay-at-home mom with 2 babies. Today was one of those days I wanted to pull-my-hair-out-your-lucky-I-love-you-so-much kinda day. Before kids I didn’t just have a job I had a career. I worked my butt off to climb the corporate ladder and I loved it. To be honest, I wanted to go back to work, but my husband and I agreed no one will raise our kids better than we will. We want to give them the best. (That’s why we both left our families and friends in California.) To give them a future. My husband praises me everyday and when he watches the kids for one hour he constantly says I don’t know how you do it. He says his work is his vacation. I wish I could work just to have a break. We NEED mothers to raise our kids the best way possible. We are not expandable like congress. Motherhood is the hardest job you will ever love! And even though I had “one of those days,” I LOVE IT!!!!

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Granddad & Nannie





Granddad (Jake’s dad) came to visit us last weekend. He lives in Dallas almost 4 hrs north of us. We had a great time. He arrived Saturday morning and we all went out for breakfast at our new favorite joint, Humble cafe.


After, we walked across the street to the Humble Museum. It was full of antiques and interesting artifacts how Humble became a city. Here is an interesting fact. Humble is pronounced umble without the H because Mr Humble couldn’t pronounce his H’s. After, we went home and played with the train set grandad got Jordan.



Sunday we went to try out a new church close to our house. Not really our style so we will keep looking. It was more baptist based even though it was a Protestant church. So many churches to choose from now that we are in the Bible Belt. It will be interesting to see all the different churches out here. Praying God leads us to the right one.


If it wasn’t enough to move to a new state with two kids under two, we packed our bags and headed to Denver Colorado this week. Jakes best friend from college was getting married. Nannie (Jake’s mom) was kind enough to meet us out there and help with the kids. We left for the airport at the break of dawn Thursday morning. Giving us plenty of time because you never know what’s gonna happen toting youngins. Sure enough there was a mix up with our seats and we barely made our flight. Since we have two lap babies that would be 5 people in one row which is against FAA because in case of emergency there are only 4 oxygen masks per row. So we got our seats and boarded the plane. We were in the last rows of the plane. The flight attendant was in the back trying to get our seats situated because they assigned Jake to the last row but someone was already sitting there. Jake so boldly asked if the two men could move across the aisle. One of the men lifted up his hands and said “I can’t”. He was handcuffed. We were sitting next to a felon and an Air Marshal. I felt he was starring at me and Madison the whole time. Any who. It was…. Creepy! I was sitting in the rows in front of jake and mr felon. On my right there was a large women (should’ve bought two seats) who openly told me she does not like kids. I just smiled. On my left there were two hicks. True all American older hicks. With mullets. Missing teeth. The works. They were very friendly and gave me some insight about Texas since I mentioned we just moved there. They said Dayton, a hayfield city near us was really nice and that’s where they have their trailer. Two totally different worlds. That’s not what we are looking for, but I was nice and kept my mouth shut.


So we made it to Denver!! Got our rental. Dodge Grand Caravan (parallel to our T&C) and picked up Nannie. Before heading to our hotel we stopped at Walmart for essentials. (Razors, diapers, etc). Jake always makes fun of me because every vacation we go on we have to make a stop at Walmart.

That night Jake planned our anniversary dinner even though it was a week away. His mom was there to watch the kids. (I think the thing I miss most about moving so far away is not having a baby sitter available 24/7.) Jake took me to a restaurant called Bastien’s. When we arrived at the restaurant I was disappointed because it was a very old building and didn’t look like a nice place. We were downtown and I was over dressed. I wanted to cry. I was looking forward to this night for a very long time. It took me over an hour to get ready. This was the first time in 2 years we had a REAL date. No kids. No crying. Screaming. Spit up. Poopy diapers. No headaches. We walked in and I was immediately impressed. I was no longer over dressed. The atmosphere, the food, the service was amazing. It really was the best steak house ever. Better than Ruth Chris. Better than The Palm in LA. I guess I shouldn’t judge a building by the outside.


After dinner we saw a movie. In our van. Alone. It was perfect!

The next day we did a little exploring and hung out with Joel, Jake’s friend and his soon to be wife Lisa. They have a dog the size of a horse. We had a great time visiting with them. Saturday was the big day. It was an outside wedding at the park so Jake went to help set up. The wedding was beautiful. And Nannie got to play with the kids at the park all day. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!







Sunday we had brunch with the lovely couple and did a little more exploring before we headed home. The plane ride home wasn’t as bad as our flight out there. However, the plane was delayed due to weather which means we didn’t get home till after one am Monday morning. The next day was rough and we all came down with a little cold. Overall we had a great time in Denver. But there’s one thing I learned from all of this. From now on Any time we go on vacation I will be bringing someone along to help with the kids 🙂

Car shopping

So I have a little free time to give ya’ll an update. This last week we have been going from car dealer to car dealer trying to find the perfect baby mover. Since we want more kids we need something that sits at least 6. That rules out my Mazda cx9. Let me tell you, shopping for a car with two babies is hell. Or close to it. I LOVE my kids, but they are so needy!! Rightfully so being so new in this world. Anyways, back to cars. We found the perfect one. A Chrysler town and country. This car is more Than I ever could’ve dreamed. It has power everything. I mean everything. Even the seats fold down into the floor with the push of a button. Not to mention a DVD system throughout the van. Man are we spoiled or what. Jake is happy we will be in a safe reliable vehicle. I can’t help but love the perks.





Oddly. There is a law for businesses here that they can not be open for both days on the weekends. They can be open either sat or sun, but not both. Most are closed on Sunday. We found this out after driving around for an hour.

Other things I noticed in Texas that are not what I’m use to: bugs. Lots of bugs. Who would’ve guessed antiperspirant deodorant works great for mosquito bites. Jake and I have become expert mosquito killers although the smashing of our hands together sometimes wakes the children but totally worth it.

Our second week here seems a little easier. Getting into the swing of things I guess. We still are not completely unpacked. (When is there time when I watch two kids all day?) But I am starting to feel more at home. On Monday I took the kids to meet Jake for lunch at his work and got to meet all his coworkers. They are very nice. Jake is fitting in beautifully. (But then again, he fits in anywhere. He’s easy to get along with).


He just bought some new cowboy boots which I think are very sexy. His attire is much different than the suit and tie he’s use to in Ca. They all wear jeans, plaid shirts and boots here. I personally like it a lot more ( oh, and so does Jake). I get to go shopping and dress him up. I think in another life I was Melissa on little house on the prairie. I love living in the country here and see lots of kids in my future. Watering the plants. Tending to the live stock. Homeschooling and our daily bible studies gathered around the kitchen table. Of course we miss our family and friends, but overall, we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made!

Highlights from this week:
*Jordan started saying two words.
Mostly “big truck”
*Madison can roll on her side
*Met Jake’s coworkers
*Discovered caffeine free cola cola
*Got my minivan

Planting our roots

WARNING: Extremely long post, make sure you have time and are seated comfortably.

So we have officially been in Texas one week now and it has been an emotional roller coaster. When you lose someone you love through a break up or death or in my case moving away, they say a piece of your heart dies. I have been so busy getting settled in I don’t have time to feel, but those rare quite moments or seeing something that reminds me of home always gets me. My heart breaks all over again. Part of me still believes I’m on “vacation”. I wonder how long it will take me to accept all this. To wrap my head around it. To realize I AM A TEXAN! After spending the first 31 years of my life in Ca it’s definitely different than what I’m used to.


We landed on Friday and spent the first few days in a hotel, shopping for essentials and exploring. I have an old friend who I haven’t seen in 10 years who moved out here a while ago and we visited her and her two daughters on Saturday. It was her oldest daughters birthday, she turned six. We swam in her pool. We bounced in the bouncer. We barbecued. We had a good time. It was nice to relax and get our mind off everything. Monday, Labor Day, we met up with my step brother who moved out here for work as well. It’s nice to see familiar faces. Jake and him get along great and we look forward to spending more time with him. We moved into our duplex rental the next day.


We bought some blankets and pillows to sleep on the floor and non perishable food since we don’t have a refrigerator or any of our furniture from Cali yet. Going from hotel rooms to a foreign empty house was rough for Jordan. His aunt Bekah gave him some toys before we left and that’s all he had with him so when I told him no more playing its bed time he cried and cried until finally I gave up and he got his toys and fell asleep holding them. It was his security. The only familiar thing to him. At least I have an understanding of what’s going on. I can’t imagine what’s going on in his little brain. Over all though, he is doing wonderful. Jordan is obiediant (as much as a one year old can be) and always wants to help his little sister. I am so proud of him for being so strong through this major change in his life.


Our first night at our new house, the neighbors came over to introduce themselves. They are very nice. They gave Jordan a couple toys from their grandchildren for him to play with, they gave Jake a beer and said if you have any problems just let me know and ill come over packing. It seems not only does everyone here have the means to protect their family, but they look out for their neighbors as well. I’m used to going home not talking to anyone and avoiding others. Everyone here acts like we are family and rush over to meet us and offer a hand. Kinda feel like a celebrity. Seriously though the mentality of the people here is one of the many reasons we moved.


The next day Jake started his new job which means I was stuck in an empty house with 2 kids all day. Around 10am the water and electricity went out. No air conditioning, no transportation, nothing in 90*+ weather. We stayed inside to keep cool. Signing up for electricity is not like California where you only use Edison. Texas has over 40 different electrical companies and 260 plans you can choose from. So we picked one (pretty much with our eyes shut) and got it turned back on. Wednesday the truck from Cali came and delivered all our stuff. The driver was nice and let Jordan sit inside the truck. He had a little dog that travels with him.



Today (Thursday) I spent most of the day unpacking boxes. I have a feeling I will be doing this for a while. I also experienced my first thunder storm today. It sounded like a bomb was going off. Like you’re in the middle of war. My heart jumps every time even though I know what it is. I stepped out side to see a cloudy overcast grey sky. It was warm and muggy. 91* displayed on my phone. It smelt like wet grass. I walked back inside and not even a minute later it started raining. Let me be more specific. The heavens opened and It started pouring like a damn broke. Within 5 minutes our lawn was a shallow pool. It was raining so hard the trees would bend from the rain drops and you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you. A storm out of nowhere? In the middle of summer? To me, that’s crazy. Everyone else here didn’t even care. Just another day in paradise.


Taking off

Leaving is always hard. Especially when it’s family and friends you love. For me, leaving is probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do. You see, my mom and sister are the closest to me. I don’t just mean they are close family, I mean they are my lifeline, my best friends. We been through some hard times together which made a bond and brought us closer together than anyone else that has or will ever come in our lives. I don’t know how I can live without them. All I know is God is bigger than all of this. I know God has a plan and I know He will take care of us as well as my mom and my little sister.



The past two weeks we have been preparing to move, but it didn’t hit me until we boarded the airplane. (Great timing Beth) I said my goodbyes, even walked through my empty house after they shipped all our belongings and still felt nothing. I was in denial. Then, watching the tiny buildings out of the airplane go by, knowing I’m not coming back for quite some time. THEN IT HIT ME! I kept my cool, by writing this blog for all of you and I plan to write at least once a week to keep you all up to date on what’s going on in our lives. I’m sure you’re wondering how the kids did. Well, I am pleased to inform you, they did great! It was the kid a couple rows up you should worry about. But as far as I’m concerned he’s not my kid. I have enough to worry about. Madison just slept In my arms the whole way. Jordan, on the other hand was awake most of the way. Jordan and daddy passed out the bags of candy around to the passengers and they loved it! The flight attendant was so impressed she gave a bag to the captain and he announced over the loud speaker it was their first flight!


Jordan was impressed by the”smoke” the air conditioner made. He kept saying “moke” “moke”. We gave him a bottle during take off to help him with his ears, but he finished that in 5 minutes. Jake kept Jordan entertained pretty much the whole way with some toys our families graciously gave him. Although he did great, he is a hand full. I’m not gonna lie, I was content just holding Madison. I give Jake props for keeping up with a very curious very anxious one and a half year old. He had a hard time sitting still for the 3 hour flight so keeping him distracted was a big task and Jake was amazing. He helped Jordan by showing him all the cool things on a plane. Thank God he (Jake) is a lot calmer than me.


I couldn’t have made this flight without him. Literally. Feeding Madison and carrying four bags while Jordan is running away is work for 2 adults. Maybe 3. But we got by and made it to our final destination where our new life begins. The next chapter for my family.


Lord have mercy on us as we embrace this new adventure!!


How to Reprogram our kids

What does school really teach children?

Plant our Christian values and the seeds of Liberty this summer. Use this time to undoctrinate your progeny.

Via The Lone Star Watchdog

1. Retired Congressmen Ron Paul has a Home School Curriculum program. For those parents planing to home school children and do not know where to start. This is a good place to begin to impart the principles of liberty.

2. Teach your children how to make things with wood using hand tools. (E.G. Spice racks and birdhouses) How to maintain a house making basic repairs. Teaching them the marketable skills we learned in wood and metal shop in our vocational classes.

3. Teach them to grow a garden producing their own food and canning or jarring them for storage. Teaching them food production is a marketable skill as well as a solution.

4. Take them out and teaching them to fish. Teach them how to find earthworms and other bait to catch a fish to eat.

5. Take time and teach them local history of the town they live in to instill pride for where they live.

6. With the economy being bad. Many cannot take a vacation traveling cross country. Take family to State Historic sites so they may learn from history that is a one tank trip that does not break the wallet.

7. Spend time telling our children that Global Warming and Climate change is a lie. Encourage them to find out for themselves. Teach them about how tyrannies use the children to turn against their parents using the school. Ask them what the teacher is teaching.

8. Break out the old Boy Scout manual and go camping. Let them learn how to live off the land. Not too long ago. A child who is a boy scout got lost in the woods. His training as a boy scout was the difference between life and death in very harsh weather conditions.

9. Depending on the age and parental discretion. Teach children basic rifle marksmanship and gun safety. Teach them home defense tactics. Learn together how to build animal traps for food.

10. To keep them away from the TV, computers and video games as much as possible. Have a list of chores to do around the house that will keep them busy part of the day.

Domine dirige nos

educate and inform the whole mass of the people... they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty